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DATA SANITY: A Quantum Leap to Unprecedented Results

“I have known Davis for almost two decades, and have seen time and again the reach of his intellect and imagination. One manifestation is his almost unparalleled mastery of the writings and literature of quality improvement.

He can cite more authors with more authority and inclusiveness in the fields of improvement than perhaps any other writer of the last few decades except Joseph Juran, himself…

So wide is his reach and so clear are his interpretations, that … he can save learners a great deal of the time and energy they would need to devote on their own to knitting together the lessons from dozens of scholars on dozens of topics.”

Dr. Donald Berwick
Administrator of the Centers for
Medicare & Medicaid Services

Are you a candidate for Data Sanity?

  • Frustrated by glacial improvement progress.
  • Tired of being promised easy answers  through yet another training program (usually in quality tools).
  • Ready to hardwire an improvement mindset into your everyday organizational fabric.
  • Looking for realistic, practical answers that may not initially seem easy, but will address deep causes, get your desired results and hold these gains.

Listen to Davis’s free 10-minute podcast on DATA SANITY & Emotional Intelligence.

Join me in eradicating Data INsanity:

The bar graph, trend line, traffic light report, two-point comparisons and smiley face epidemics – and wasted meeting time – we all encounter.

Learn a new, more productive common organizational language: Data Sanity

What is Data Sanity?

  • A language based in process and understanding variation to motivate more productive daily conversations… for everyone from executives to front-line staff
  • A language to create dialogue between executives and quality professionals — who share identical concerns…
  • The language underlying ALL current quality improvement initiatives (Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma)
  • THE catalyst for transforming your organization to excellence!
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