“…[F]or anyone interested in the wide, wide field of improvement and its related sciences, no other book offers more discipline and wit wrapped into a single, enjoyable package.”

–From the Foreword
by Dr. Donald Berwick


“For the novice, no single book on improvement offers a more complete and accessible summary.  For the intermediate, no other source is more likely to resolve areas of chronic confusion, such as in statistics or the psychology of motivation.  For the master, no overview will have a longer shelf life in offering great examples pithy vignettes, or linkages among topics to draw upon for both personal learning and resources for teaching others.”

–From the Foreword
by Dr. Donald Berwick

My Book

8803-DataSanity-600x900Order print edition from MGMAOrder electronic edition from MGMAOrder print edition from Amazon

Far too much emphasis has been placed on tools, tools and more tools (especially statistical techniques), resulting in rampant waste caused by poor everyday organizational use of data.

It is Balestracci’s goal in Data Sanity: A Quantum Leap to Unprecedented Results to teach a new way of thinking via a common
organizational language based in process and understanding variation to motivate more productive daily conversations for everyone.

Many high-level executives have no idea of the vast potential that exists to allow their organizations to take a quantum leap to unprecedented results through a common language of data sanity. This will result in new, more productive conversations, meetings, and actions in the everyday use of data.

Data Sanity: A Quantum Leap to Unprecedented Results can be ordered through the publisher, Medical Group Management Association (Print Edition or eBook Edition), and is also available through Amazon.com.

Foreign subscribers (or anyone having problems with either link) would probably be best served by contacting Craig Wiberg directly at Mail cwiberg@mgma.org.  I promise you excellent service!

Reviews & Comments:

Essential for medical group quality improvement
“This is another outstanding effort by a passionate and dedicated professional in the quality improvement field. Written in an honest, straightforward, and engaging style with lots of humor. This book will be of great value to anyone wanting to improve the quality of medical care in a group practice setting of any size and scope. Packed with high value information and teachings on how to critically assess the avalanche of data and reports we all receive these days. A fresh approach grounded in critical thinking and a healthy irreverant attitude that physicians, senior leaders, and others focused on quality improvement will greatly appreciate. Worth every penny.”
— Stephen F. Tarzynski, M.D.

Wonderful book!
“Data Sanity is the best book on quality and statistical concepts I have ever read. It is clearly written, comprehensive, and integrative. Although the primary target audience is the medical profession, it is appropriate for anyone who is interested in quality and process improvement and for any type of organization. You will love how Davis Balestracci, one of the best communicators I know, demystifies quality improvement and statistics and makes them accessible for anyone. Particularly important is Davis’ discussions of how to avoid the pitfalls of statistics and data interpretation. If statistics has driven you crazy in the past, this book will make it understandable and, as the title says, will create “data sanity” so that you and your organization can turn your potentially valuable data into information, knowledge, and wisdom.”
–Dean R. Spitzer, Ph.D., author of Transforming Performance Measurement

The only performance improvement book you’ll ever need.
“I’ve been involved with quality improvement in the healthcare world since 1988. During that time I’ve purchased and read close to 100 books on quality management, lean, Six Sigma, performance improvement, statistical thinking, and systems thinking. Davis’s wonderful book blows the rest off the book shelf. I use it as the only text book in the grad school course I teach on Quality Management. It’s the book I’ve asked all the members of my leadership team to read.

It does a wonderful job of making complex subjects understandable by mere mortals. The entertaining and irreverent writing style makes the principles come alive. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone involved in leadership, performance improvement, systems transformation, or who just wants to make accurate meaning out of their data.”
–Mike Taigman

“I rarely, if ever, write to authors telling them how good (or great) I think their book is, but I had to tell you that I am reading your book “Data Sanity” and I think it is one of the best quality related publications out there. Although I do not work in medicine (I working as a lead in quality (amongst other things) for a large child welfare organization), so far I have found many helpful (and confirmatory) pieces to your book. I guess it also helps that it appears we have a similar mindset when it comes to approaches organizational quality! Noticed your website and the references to music – maybe that’s the connection – my first degree is in music! Thank you!”

“Thank you! Thank you! So far I have found your book to be absolutely fascinating, and beautifully done by the way. When I first took my current job, about 4 years ago, my supervisor from the C-Suite, told me “no run charts- it’s too difficult for the staff to understand”. I have tried everything I could, kept seeing those traffic lights and bar graphs everywhere! to get away from run charts, cuz she said to. Now you’ve given me my courage back to do the only thing that makes sense!”

“Love your passion and humor and how you have tied it to the analytical world—a rare gift.”

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